A Glimpse into the Museum of Photographic Arts Prix Pictet Disorder Exhibition

Rubi BaricuatroBalboa Park Cultural Partnership, Sustainability Program

The Museum of Photographic Arts (MOPA) is currently exhibiting Prix Pictet Disorder. This exhibition represents the 12 finalists and winner of the 6th cycle of the Prix Pictet award. The Prix Pictet photography competition started in 2008 and aims to garner global attention to issues of sustainability and the fragile state of our planet. It is the world’s leading award for photography and sustainability, and is exhibited worldwide with an audience of over 400 million people. San Diego is one of the lucky stops along the tour!

The theme of Disorder is explained by former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan:

“Our times are defined by disorder. Our mastery over manifold aspects of life has deluded us into thinking that we have bent the planet to our will. Yet the fragility of that assumption is exposed with each new pandemic, earthquake, tsunami or drought. With each passing day our illusion of order is shattered.”

Disorder has conjured many fascinating interpretations and viewpoints of global social-political and environmental issues. Karen Noble, Collections & Exhibitions Coordinator at MOPA, describes how these issues have local repercussions as well, and hopes this exhibition helps broaden viewer’s perspectives and give them cause to think about their own lives and impacts. She mentions that there are local organizations that work on many of the issues depicted by the artists in the exhibition.

Each photographer in the exhibition has a unique way of capturing and presenting an important message that is translated through a visual narrative. Finalists in the 6th cycle touch on the effects of an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality, climate change, development, capitalism, the fragility and impermanence of beauty, consumerism, wastefulness, destruction, accidental awareness, illusion, civil unrest, and exploitation.

Photographers from around the world are entered into Prix Pictet through a nomination process, and there are no limits to the style or format of the photography. Styles and representation range from documentary to abstract. We hope to see a local photographer nominated for future cycles of this award.

This exhibition is a visually moving and reflective experience, and is accessible to everyone as MOPA has a “pay what you wish” admission model. Be sure to check it out soon as it will end on May 23, 2017. Please visit the MOPA website for hours of operation and other information.